Purchasing Intelligent Climate Disclosure Tools is simple

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Experience the five ClimateTracker differences today:

  • Ease of climate reporting with our guided system

  • Up to date climate standards in different jurisdictions

  • Detailed insights – delivering significant value from climate data

  • Increased productivity at lower cost using AI

  • Targeted communication – everyone is on the same page

What our clients say:

“If we can capture what our future environment looks like in a simple format, we can clearly identify what our climate risks are, focus our response plan on those, and ultimately build a better, more sustainable business. ClimateTracker is a tool that can facilitate this and guide you down the right path.”

“The tool highlighted what we were doing well and where we had gaps in our understanding.”

“Some aspects of climate disclosure we have been reporting on for years, but for others, we needed to think about how we were going to source the information and bring it together in a way our stakeholders could find value in it.”

“Climate reporting is mandatory, but whether you do the bare minimum or embrace it is a choice each company gets to make.”

“We selected ClimateTracker because it allows you to go beyond simple disclosure and compliance”.

ClimateTracker is priced in Tiers based on gross annual revenue, and can be subscribed to from the AWS Marketplace.

Purchase Aotearoa NZ CS 1-3 through AWS Marketplace.

Purchase IFRS S1 and S2 International Version through ClimateTracker.

If you prefer to purchase through a person, contact ClimateTracker directly or go to AWS to purchase online. We look forward to working with you.